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This page is principally for coaches, but also for players and interested parents.  As we move along in the season, we will update this page and its sub-pages with information, aids, and opportunities for coaches.

NOTE: USSF is in the process of changing its coaching license pathways.  The F license and the E license have been eliminated and are being replaced by USSF's new "Grassroots" coaching curriculum.  In general, the new progression will be a Grassroots online module followed by three half-day courses: an 11v11 in-person course, another in-person course (either 4v4, 7v7 or 9v9, depending on the coach's interest), and an online course (again, either 4v4, 7v7 or 9v9).  Accordingly, the information below is obsolete, and will be updated once the USSF's new requirements are clarified by PA West.  In particular, it is not clear what the minimum licensing requirements will be for inhouse and travel coaches. although at least for the foreseeable future, coaches with F licenses or Youth Modules will continue to meet PA West's minimum license requirements, and coaches with E licenses are still eligible to advance to the D license course. 

PA West and the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) require its member clubs, including Steel Valley Soccer Club, to observe minimum coach licensing requirements.  Those requirements can be reviewed by clicking on the Minimum Coaching Requirements link below.  In short, though, SVSC's head coaches should have a minimum of an F License.  The F License is the entry level licensing course offered by the USSF.  It is an online course that takes between one and two hours to complete (and can be stopped and restarted for those with busy schedules).  The link to the F License course is below.  For a list of scheduled courses, click on the Scheduled Courses link below.

SVSC's policy for reimbursing licensing courses is as follows: (a) SVSC does not reimburse the cost of the F License course initially; (b) SVSC will reimburse the full cost of the E License once it is succesfully obtained.  SVSC will also reimburse the initial cost of the F License upon obtaining the E License; (c) SVSC will reimburse the cost of the D License course if a minimum of a State D License is obtained and provided the coach agrees to coach at SVSC for a minimum of two years after obtaining the D License.  Requests for reimbursement for other licensing courses will be handled on a case-by-case basis.  Coaches should not assume that SVSC will reimburse those costs.