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Each inhouse player must have a maroon shirt and a gold shirt.  SVSC sells maroon and gold uniform shirts for $10/each.  The shirts are wearable in subsequent season--in other words, as long as the shirt fits, your player can wear it.  Shirts have numbers (#2 to #31).  Players can choose whatever number they want (if available).  However, SVSC asks that if you buy both maroon and gold shirts, that you buy the same numbered shirt for each color.  Sorry, but number requests cannot be honored.  Players' number choices are limited to the shirts in stock at the time of purchase.

In addition to shirts, the Club also sells maroon shorts and socks.  The maroon shorts and socks are optional.   Players may wear any color shorts or socks.  However, because many players like wearing maroon shorts and socks, and because maroon shorts and socks are hard to find, the Club sells them as a courtesy to its members.

Note that players must wear shin guards, and the shin guards must be covered by socks.  Many coaches ask that players bring their own soccer balls to practice.  For U6 and U8, SVSC uses size 3 balls.  For U12, SVSC uses size 4 balls.  You should ensure that your player's ball is properly inflated.  With respect to footwear, soccer shoes are recommended.  Soccer shoes, balls and shinguards are sold at sporting goods stores like Dick's.


In 2016, the Club instituted a travel soccer uniform program.  The Club will purchase for each travel player a new travel uniform shirt every two years, at no cost to the player.  The player can select a number, within certain restrictions, e.g, SVSC will not permit duplicate numbers on the same team or among the players in the teams immediately above and below that player's team.  The player, beginning in Fall 2018, will be responsible for purchasing matching shorts and socks at SVSC uniform sales.  The shorts and socks can be worn as long as they fit.