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Dec, 2023

Info for Spring 2024 Season

The following is a quick summary of important facts and dates for the Spring 2024 season.

Website.  As a reminder, you can find a wide variety of important information on the Club’s website (, which we try to update regularly.

Payments.  If you register online, your registration will be accepted, but a player will not be rostered until payment has been received.  If you have not paid yet, you may send your payment to: SVSC, P.O. Box 214, Homestead, PA  15120.  Checks should be made payable to “SVSC.”  In any event, payments must be received by March 1, or your player may not be rostered.

Refunds.  The Club’s refund policy is explained on the website.  Note that the Club expects that we will have to register our players with PA West in early March.  Once we register our players, and pay for them, full refunds will not be given.  Accordingly, it is important that you request a refund by March 1 if you wish to receive a full refund.  Partial refunds will be made until the season starts.  Once the season starts, no refunds will be made.

Coaching.  If you volunteer to coach (THANK YOU!), you will receive an e-mail after registration closes explaining certain requirements, such as background checks and coaching licenses.  Please consider volunteering to coach.  Should we be short of coaches in any particular age group, we will reach out to a wider group to solicit interest.

Uniforms.  Each inhouse player must have a maroon and a gold shirt, which are $10/each.  The shirts can be worn as long as they fit and can be passed down to younger players.  Those shirts will be available for sale by the Club on two evenings before the season starts, and then again on opening day.  The dates of the pre-season uniform sales have not yet been determined, but you will be advised by e-mail when those sales will take place (the website will also have that information).  We also sell maroon and gold socks and shorts as a courtesy, but your player may wear any color socks and shorts.  For travel players, your coach will advise about uniform requirements, but please note that if you need to purchase replacement shorts or socks for the Club-issued travel uniforms, they will also be for sale at the pre-season uniform sales.

Equipment.  Each player must wear shinguards for practices and games, and those shinguards must be covered by socks.  While it is not required, many players wear soccer cleats.  You should not wear cleats designed for baseball, football, softball, lacrosse and so forth, principally because the cleat placement (cleats at or very near the toe of the shoe) may be deemed dangerous and a referee or coach may require that player to put on a different pair of shoes in order to be able to play.  Many coaches also require their players to bring a soccer ball to practice.  U6 and U8 players use Size 3 soccer balls; players from U9 through U12 use Size 4 soccer balls; and players U13 and older use Size 5 soccer balls.  The Club does not sell shinguards, cleats or balls. Such items may be purchased at a local sporting goods store (and often, the store sells a bundle of shinguards, cleats and a ball for a discounted price).  Jewelry is not permitted. Please remove jewelry before games, and consider delaying the piercing of ears until after the season concludes.

Rostering.  We attempt to honor all coach and buddy requests.  However, that is not always possible, sometimes because it is impossible (e.g., the coach requested is not coaching or has moved up, or the player requested is not playing or is playing in a different age group) or because it is not practical (e.g., too many players request to play for a given coach, or for competitive reasons).  Once coaches are identified, rosters will be prepared.  We hope to have preliminary rosters finalized by mid-March.

First Practices.  You should hear from your coach early to mid-March (although travel players may hear earlier).  We hope that practices can begin around that same time, weather permitting.

First Games.  Weather permitting, the inhouse games will begin on Saturday, March 23.

Picture Day.  Team Pictures are taken in the Spring, when a professional photographer will be onsite to take team and individual pictures.  There is no Picture Day in the Fall.

Fundraiser.  Please stay tuned for more information.  Participation in fundraisers is voluntary (but encouraged).  

Concessions.  Currently, we do not have anyone who has volunteered to run a concessions stand at games on Saturday.  If you are willing to help out with concessions this Fall, please let the Club know at [email protected].