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Nov, 2018

Futsal Registration Opens in November

Steel Valley Soccer Club will be again holding a coed Futsal program this winter.  The Futsal program is open to players born in 2010, 2011 and 2012.  The registration fee is $20.  Registration will open in November and closes on December 15, 2019.  Below are some FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions).

Q. What is Futsal?
A. Futsal is soccer played indoors on a court with low bounce soccer balls.  Teams usually play 5v5 (four field players and a goalie).  The emphasis in Futsal is on technical ability (individual skills) and therefore is a great training opportunity for young players.

Q. How do I register?
A. Sign-ups are through the Club's website.  (1)  Go to  (2) At the tool bar at the top of the page, hover your cursor over "Registration Info."  (3)  Click on "Available Programs."  (4) Next to "Under 10 Coed Futsal," click on "Register Now."  (4)  Follow the prompts.  You will be given the option to pay by check or credit card.  Late pays may be placed on a waiting list.

Q. When and where will we play?
A. We will play at Barrett Elementary School's Gym (221 E. 12th Ave., Homestead, PA  15120).  The entrance to the gym is on Amity St.  The program is Friday evenings, starting on January 4, 2019.

Q. What will the format be?
A. While it will depend on the number of players registered, we would like to conduct one or two clinics (group practices), and then play a 6-game schedule, to end in late February or early March.  Games will be in-house.

Q. Why is the program limited to players born in 2010, 2011 and 2012?
A. There are two reasons.  First, it keeps the program to a readily manageable size.  We identified this group as potentially being the most interested and the group that might benefit the most.  Second, gym space is at a premium, which dictates that we limit numbers.

Q. Is there a maximum number of players you can accept?
A. Yes.  Registration is limited to 45 players.  Registration is on a first come, first served basis.  We need a minimum of 30 players to be able to conduct league play.

Q. Can I request that my child play with a friend or a certain coach?
A. Only in the case of hardship.  Team assignments will be done with the principle goal of creating competitive teams.

Q. What equipment will players need?
A. Players will need to wear shin guards, covered by soccer socks.  For footwear, players must wear a non-marking, rubber soled athletic shoe.  Shoes made specifically for indoor soccer/futsal are good.  Running, athletic or training shoes are also fine.  Hi-top or mid basketball shoes are NOT recommended, as they restrict ankle flexibility, which is important for the sport.

Q. How can I help?
A. We need coaches (to help at the clinic if needed, but principally to coach games); people to help with set up and take down (essentially, putting up two goals and taking them down, making sure the futsal balls are properly inflated, and putting up and taking chairs for the team benches); hall security; and referees.

Q. Is this Futsal program sanctioned by PA West/US Soccer?
A. Yes.  PA West's recent decision to cover these types of programs allows us to offer inhouse futsal.

Q. If I have any other questions, who do I talk to?
A. Mike Pavlick (412-462-4253 or [email protected]).

Q. Can I see what a futsal game looks like?
A. You can search YouTube, but below are two links, one to a Futsal World Cup game, and the other to a U9 girls inhouse futsal game.